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Forum money and costs, important

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:23 pm
by von Zoyton
This forum is hosted at von Zoyton's hosting. It isn't free, however, it's also a good deal. This takes care of the website. The domain name "bigglesforum" is paid for several years yet. Greylizard, the temporary home expires next year.

Luckily we now have admins who can tinker with the workings as I have limited time available. The reason for this is that I have to do paid work and look for paid work as I am in a major financial crisis at the moment. This means that when I get a donation I can work on the forum. It's a shame about this as I didn't want to end up like that with the forum. However, when we do get the forum running again it needs to monetise somehow, adverts and/or donations. We are not talking big money. Just "enough". The forum will always remain free to be a member of.

The old forum. I will still look at ways to bring back the old forum for reference or importing. However, time is an issue, as explained already.

Thanks to the donations I have received already. My PayPal account is under I am not demanding funds, please don't think that. I'll not abondon the forum over money.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the forum as, one way or another it is secure for some years yet!

Von Zoyton