Winged Justice...explain an ending for me please?

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Winged Justice...explain an ending for me please?

Post by Fairblue » Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:23 pm

Postby Simon Templar » 27 Nov 2015, 22:20

Hey folks, long time no see.
Uni has been consuming most of my life, but one of the advantages is that the bodleian has every book published in the UK so i've been able to read all the W E Johns books far too expensive for me to buy.
Anyway, I was reading Winged JUstice & other stories, and am completely flumoxed by the ending of "When Three Had Failed". Can anyone explain the ending for me? I see on Roger Harris's site he can't work out the ending either, so it's gratifying to know i'm not alone in my confusion.
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